Our Team




Studies:​ San Francisco State University

Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology

Years of Experience:​ 8

What I enjoy most about Marbles Found:​

Being constantly challenged to create something that has yet to be done, while striving to be a compassionate human.


I am lucky to call this my team and work because the end product we deliver consistently exceeds our internal expectations... And we enjoy the process.




Studies: University of Central Florida

Candidate for Bachelor of Science, Psychology 

Years of Experience: 1.5 years of experience

What we enjoy most about Marbles Found:

One thing that drew me in at Marbles Found specifically was the freedom to create and voice our personal opinions. Marbles Found has created a space for me to be open with my thoughts and ideas, so every day I can look forward to creating more and doing more for our company!



Studies: Ph.D. in Being Cute 

Years of Experience in our role: 6 Years 

What we enjoy most about ​Marbles Found​:

Being around such motivated people but still get all the love in the office!

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